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Assalamualaikum, aunties, uncle(s), sisters and brothers... Alhamdulillah, finally Milestone of Mine - MOM gone live today... ^_^... 

Hi, my name is Iman Firash Bin Husaini. I was born on 26th November 2013 (that was like 2 days after mummy's birthday...ngeee) and the place of my birth is at Hospital UMRA, Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor. Kira2 anak jati Selangor-lah Ash ni. 

This blog was made by mummy for Ash. And for this moment, mummy is the sole author to the entries in here and mummy will monitor and manage Ash's blog. Ash tak pandai lagi... Ash pandai draw sikit2 jer kat Ms. Apple mummy dan pandai touch2 jer kat screen Ms. Apple mummy learning Iqra, ABC, 123, Shapes and singing. Nanti sikit2 hari kalau Ash dah pandai, Ash taip sendiri yer blog Ash ni. But for now, solely mummy yang tolong update cerita2 Ash. 

For aunties, uncle(s), sisters and brothers yang dah follow blog Ash, thank you so much and it is highly appreciated... Ash cuma baby and kids blogger, but mummy will ensure that semua orang enjoy dan gain something from Ash punya blog. Sebabkan Ash masih kecik, mummy tak beli domain lagi untuk Ash, tunggu sikit hari nanti lagi.... Oh, ya...nanti Ash follow blog2 aunties, uncle(s), sisters and brothers yang dah follow blog Ash ok??? Ash loves uolsss... (ihikss so the mummy words kann???).... 

Till then, ta ta from Ash and cheerios everyone!!! *_^ 

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